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Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory, makes a fascinating day trip from anywhere on the Costa del Sol. Parking in La Linea on the Spanish side of the border, walking across the border and catching a local bus is very convenient. Within minutes you are transported to Britain.

The Rock of Gibraltar is visible from several miles away. To the ancient Greeks it marked the end of the known world.

To cross the border between Spain and Gibraltar it is necessary to walk across the airport runway.


The Gibraltar Cable car runs from the Botanical Garden to the top of the Rock.

Most of the top of the rock is a natural area, inhabited by about 230 Barbary macaques, the famous apes of Gibraltar. 

A view from the peak towards the north takes in La Linea and Algeciras in Spain.

A view from the peak towards the south takes in Morocco and the African continent.

During the 1800s, the Rock flourished as a trade centre. Nowadays, its casinos, duty-free shops and Mediterranean climate attract 12 million visitors per year.

Garrisons, war memorials, cemeteries and underground tunnels  attest to Gibraltar's historical strategic military importance.

The streets of Gibraltar reflect both British and Spanish traditions.


Uniformed school children walked home through the busy pedestrian mall, often crossing the border twice daily.

Victorian mailboxes and British K2 telephone booths are still in active use.


Europa Point marks the Southern tip of Gibraltar. There is a navy battery, a shrine to the patron saint and a memorial to a Polish military crash.The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque was a gift from King Faud of Saudi Arabia.

 At the gateway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Europa Point lighthouse serves as a waypoint for vessels passing through the Strait. 


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